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Imagine a machine so small that it is imperceptible to the human eye.  Imagine working machines no bigger than a grain of pollen.  Imagine thousands of these machines batch fabricated on a single piece of silicon, for just a few pennies each.  Imagine a world where gravity and inertia are no longer important, but atomic forces and surface science dominate. Imagine a silicon chip with thousands of microscopic mirrors working in unison, enabling the all optical network and removing the bottlenecks from the global telecommunications infrastructure. You are now entering the microdomain, a world occupied by an explosive technology known as MEMS.  A world of challenge and opportunity, where  traditional engineering concepts are turned upside down, and the realm of the "possible" is totally redefined. 

MEMS are quietly changing the way you live, in ways that you might never imagine.  The device that senses your car has been in an accident, and fires the airbag is a MEMS device.  Most new cars have over a dozen MEMS devices, making your car safer, more energy efficient, and more environmentally friendly. MEMS are finding their way into a variety of medical devices, and everyday consumer products.

This site is dedicated to providing educational material on this fascinating new technology. Check back often, as we will be regularly adding new material.


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