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MEMS Products:

While MEMS is an amazing technology, there are a number of real products emerging

Some examples of real MEMS products include

  •  Adaptive Optics for Ophthalmic Applications 
  •  Optical Cross Connects
  •  Air Bag Accelerometers
  •  Pressure Sensors
  •  Mirror Arrays for Televisions and Displays
  •  High Performance Steerable Micromirrors
  •  RF MEMS Devices
  •  Disposable Medical Devices
  •  High Force, High Displacement Electrostatic Actuators
  •  MEMS Devices for Secure Communications


Still Images of MEMS Steerable Mirrors

(Click on Thumbnail for Larger Images)


MEMS Mirror

 High Performance MEMS Scanning Mirror

MEMS Acturator

Section of High Performance  Post Actuator

MEMS Actuators

Close Up of MEMS Post Style Actuator

MEMS Comb Drive

Large Force Electrostatic MEMS Comb Drive

MEMS Mirror

Two Degree of Freedom MEMS Mirror

MEMS Mirror

Detail View of MEMS Mirror Edge prior to Final Polish of Mirror Surface


Detail View Cross-Coupled Actuator


Unique MEMSHinge Structure

MEMS Mirror

MEMS Mirror Lift Assembly

MEMS Optical Cross Connect

MEMXS Mirror Control Assembly

MEMS Comb Drive

Detail View of MEMS Electrostatic Actuator

MEMS Mirror

Ultra Stiff MEMS Mirror Device

These pictures serve the complexity that can be achieved in a state of the art Surface Micromachine technology. 


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