Jonathan Kellner

Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Fay

Chief Operating Officer

Dominick Paniscotti

Chief Technology Officer

Louise Curbishley

Chief Financial Officer

Lindsay Gilliam

Chief People Officer

Anders Franzon

General Counsel

Colin Clark

Head of Business Development

Nicholas Ciarleglio

Head of Member Experience

Lauren Strathman


Scott Palmer


Megan Sauerwine

Member Experience

Mike Downey

Market Operations

Quito Zuba

Chris Ulz

Trading Operations

Michael Desembrana

Adrian Falcone

Office Management

Ali Buonpastore


Craig Smith

Rich Gomez

Ken Mansour

Maya Zacay

Mike Wattanachaiyot

Steve Louie

Max Parker-Shames

Marcus Harte

Phil Arfuso


Javier Torres

Richard Hoop

Jake Caposela

Otheniel Garcia

Mazhar Cheema