Another record setting month; market share, volume, and activity all reach new highs

Double digit growth results in record-high market share, dollar volume, and average weekly trading activity


Highlights & Recent Developments

  • MEMX hit record highs of 3.3% market share and 5.7% exchange market share on July 16.
  • MEMX ETP market share hit a record of 4.2% on July 7.
  • More firms are participating in the Displayed Liquidity Incentive (DLI) Program which has increased MEMX’s average quoted size and percentage of time at the NBBO.
  • Dollar volume grew 12% in July and hit a new record of $12.6 billion on July 19.
  • Market share grew 18% month over month.
  • MEMX launches the X Sessions, a video series featuring our members discussing issues important to their businesses and the markets. In the first discussion, HRT discusses their decision to expand into retail wholesaling.

Market Share

Market share exceeded 3% for 6 days in July. Average daily volume hit an all-time record high of 302 million for the week of July 12. Dollar volume also hit an all-time average high of $9.94 billion the week of July 26.



MEMX’s exchange traded products (ETP) market share hit a record high of 4.2% on July 7 and a record-high average of 3.6% for the month.




Volume and Diversity of Liquidity

Dollar volume continues to increase reaching a record high of $12.6 billion on July 19 and averaging $8.9 billion per day for the month—a $2.2 billion daily average increase since May.



MEMX market share continues to increase by Tape A, B and C. Tape B market share reached 3.4% during the last two weeks of July, including a new record of 4.3% market share on July 22.


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