MEMX compares favorably in execution quality to exchange peers, plus all time high market share

MEMX compares favorably in execution quality, markouts, and quote stability to exchange peers in an independent analysis by Clearpool

Highlights & Recent Developments

  • Market share hit an all-time record of 3.95% on August 30th
  • MEMX became the 5th largest exchange for ETPs, with market share of 4.1% in August, including a record 4.6% share on August 18 and 5.0% share in SPY on August 17
  • Market share and NBBO quoting time grew significantly in S&P 500 stocks
  • Data on realized spreads (trade-to-mid markouts) and quote stability shows MEMX compares favorably to the largest maker/taker exchanges
  • New blog post: Read why MEMX submitted a request to the SEC to quote at .005 increments in tick constrained names

Market Share

Market share climbed to new highs for the month, hitting an average 3.4% total market share and 5.9% on-exchange market share. MEMX closed out August with a 5-day moving average 3.5% total market share and 6.3% on-exchange market share.

MEMX market share in S&P 500 stocks climbed a full percentage point, from 2.4% on July 30 to 3.4% on August 30. Higher average time quoting at the NBBO in S&P stocks was a key contributor.

Volume & Diversity of Liquidity

MEMX compares favorably to its maker/taker exchange peers in execution quality according to Clearpool’s independent venue analysis tool, which examines trade activity from 100+ broker-dealers servicing the world’s largest asset managers.

Liquidity adders experienced a smaller loss at MEMX than at other large exchange peers looking 100 milliseconds out.

48.2% of MEMX trades experienced no change in the midpoint 100 milliseconds after a trade. Quote stability performance on MEMX is comparable to other large make/take exchanges.

Clearpool is the brand name for the Electronic Trading Technology Platform of BMO Financial Group.