Trading Snapshot

MEMX is starting February off with record-breaking developments. For the first 5 trading days, we have:

• Averaged over 1% market share with record high daily volumes
• Hit over 2.3 billion in notional dollars traded
• Increased ADV by 51% versus January (150,461,351 shares versus January’s average of 99,774,920)
• Executed more than 100 million shares a day for 5 days in a row

To help drive this momentum, MEMX implemented new pricing in February designed to incentivize increased participation from our members. As evidenced by the figures above, we are pleased to see it is working as intended. We are confident that the more our members use our exchange, the more they’ll trade on MEMX.

Thank you to all our employees for the hard work needed to achieve these important milestones. These volume figures are a key marker on our journey to increase competition in the equity exchange space and provide a voice for our members on vital market structure issues.

Our mission to foster competition with a member driven, technology enabled exchange is gaining traction. As it continues, we look forward to further advancing our members’ interests.