SEC Market Structure Proposal
Q1 2023: Institutional Panel


Adrian Griffiths, Head of Market Structure, MEMX


Philip Pearson, Head of Electronic Product for the Americas, Barclays

Bojan Petrovich, Global Head of Equity Trading, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Rich Steiner, Head of Global Market Structure, RBC Capital Markets


00:00Rule overview
02:03What's the overall impact of the SEC's proposed changes to tick sizes, round lots, and access fees for retail and institutional investors?
04:00Should the SEC take a more moderate approach to tick size changes?
10:47Would a more moderate tick size approach benefit the buy side?
12:38Access fee caps: Will they really reduce trading costs?
17:27The proposed round lot and odd lot changes: Are they beneficial?
21:58Does adding odd lot quotes to the SIP help the buy side?
23:26Should the SEC focus on implementing competing consolidators and the rest of the infrastructure rule instead?
25:53What key takeaways should the SEC take from the industry comment letters?